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Complete Caching at the CDN Level CDN is the only CDN available that can cache both static and dynamic WordPress content.

By taking advantage of LiteSpeed Cache’s Smart Purge technology, CDN accurately serves your most current content, and purges it when required. CDN:

Total Protection

Your WordPress site is potentially vulnerable to several types of attack, but offers security at the CDN level, stopping attackers before they can deplete your server resources.

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Cloudflare Integration​

Try our easy no-risk automated setup for Cloudflare users:

Anycast Authoritative DNS

100% FREE built-in DNS service allows you to optionally simplify your site’s CDN setup with automated DNS configuration

Online Services’s content delivery network is just the beginning. takes
two-pronged approach to speeding up your website:

CDN Service

minimizes the distance your content needs to travel

Online Services

minimize the volume of content that needs to be transmitted

Free Image Optimization

One way to speed up a website is to reduce file sizes and make content smaller and quicker to transmit. This is the role of Image Optimization. Shrink your images, and serve them faster.

Page Optimization Services

Optimize CSS styling and page loading efficiency, to make your site faster and improve your page speed score.

Critical CSS (CCSS)

Inlines only the CSS necessary to style above-the-fold content, allowing the visible content to load fast and fully styled, before processing the rest of the CSS

Unique CSS (UCSS)

Provides customized CSS for each page, completely removing unused definitions and bloat, for a speedier page load overall

Low Quality Image Placeholder (LQIP)

Generates colorful lazy load placeholders to give your site a more pleasing look as it loads, and minimize Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Viewport Images (VPI):

automatically exclude above-the-fold imagery from lazy load

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